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Ethylammonium bromide

  • Ethylammonium bromide (EABr; CAS Number: 593-55-5) is an organic halide salt used in perovskite-based systems. Addition of ethylammonium bromide to the perovskite precursor solution was shown to increase the photoluminescence quantum yield and stability of perovskites-based light-emitting devices (Xiao et al., 2020). Efficient and spectra stable blue perovskite light-emitting diodes were recently obtained by optimizing the content of ethylammonium bromide of the perovskite precursor solution (Chu et al., 2020).

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    Xiao, Z., Wang, Q., Wu, X., Wu, Y., Ren, J., Xiong, Z., Yang, X., 2020. Efficient light-emitting devices based on mixed-cation lead halide perovskites. Organic Electronics 77, 105546.



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