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Borun New Material Specializes Organic bromides supplier and manufacturer of Perovskite Solar Cell Bromides. The company is one of the hexylammonium bromide company in China. Operates in global bromine markets such as: India, Europe, North America and Africa.

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    is a leading perovskites manufacturer and supplier of hexylammonium bromide, perovskite materials , organic photovoltaics (OPV) . With over 3,000 products listed in its main catalog, is the source for customers' chemical and material needs, from sizes for research to semi-bulk and bulk quantities.

    Borun Chemical provides sodium bromide services to users/customers. is your reliable bromide manufacturer to cooperate with.
    Borun Chemical is an importer of hexylammonium bromide in many countries around the world. Manufacturers rely on Borun Chemical for reliable, efficient and cost-effective hexylammonium bromide supply. Borun Chemical works with competitive and reliable Bromide manufacturers to provide supply chain solutions to our customers.

    Our comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge solar materials continues to expand to power your scientific progress.

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