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Replacing imported anhydrous DMF and DMSO solvents with microcrystalline solutions reduces costs and stabilizes device performance. Contact us now!

  • Perovskite Microcrystalline Single Crystal Materials

  • Advantages: Easy to use, stable in batch, using pre made single crystal seeds to induce crystallization, improving the crystallization quality of perovskite films, stabilizing perovskite films, increasing device yield, and increasing competitiveness.

    Material Type CAS No. Specifications
    Ɑ-FAPbI3 FAPb101 1451592-07-6 99% crystallite
    FAPbBr3 FAPb201 1008105-17-6 99% crystallite
    FAPbCl3 FAPb301 1488421-59-5 99% crystallite
    MAPbI3 MAPb101 69507-98-8 99% crystallite
    MAPbBr3 MAPb201 69276-13-7 99% crystallite
    MAPbCl3 MAPb301 69276-12-6 99% crystallite
    CsPbI3 CsPb101 18041-25-3 99% crystallite
    CsPbBr3 CsPb201 15243-48-8 99% crystallite
    CsPbCl3 CsPb301 15203-83-5 99% crystallite
    Ɑ-FAPbI3 single crystal FAPb102 1451592-07-6 2cm*2cm single crystal
    FAPbBr3 single crystal FAPb202 1008105-17-6 2cm*2cm single crystal
    FAPbCl3 single crystal FAPb302 1488421-59-5 2cm*2cm single crystal
    MAPbI3 single crystal MAPb102 69507-98-8 2cm*2cm single crystal
    MAPbBr3 single crystal MAPb202 69276-13-7 2cm*2cm single crystal
    MAPbCl3 single crystal MAPb302 69276-12-6 2cm*2cm single crystal
    MAPbCl3 single crystal MAPb302 69276-12-6 2cm*2cm single crystal
    CsPbI3 single crystal CsPb102 18041-25-3 2cm*2cm single crystal
    CsPbBr3 single crystal CsPb202 15243-48-8 2cm*2cm single crystal
    CsPbCl3 single crystal CsPb302 15203-83-5 2cm*2cm single crystal
    FASnI3 single crystal FASn102 2cm*2cm single crystal
    Cs0.5 FA0.5PbIBr2 CFP101 2cm*2cm single crystal
    MA0.5FA0.5PbIBr2 MFP101 2cm*2cm single crystal
    MA0.5Cs0.5PbIBr2 MCP101 2cm*2cm single crystal


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