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The rapid improvement of perovskite solar cells has made them a rising star in the field of photovoltaics and aroused great interest in academia. Since their method of operation is still relatively new, there are great opportunities to further study the fundamental physics and chemistry surrounding perovskites. Furthermore, as the past few years have shown—engineering improvements in perovskite formulations and fabrication procedures have led to dramatic increases in power conversion efficiency, reaching over 23% for recent devices as of June 2018.

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  • Iodides

    Borun New Material iodides product is manufactured with consistent processes, standards and quality. Iodine production. Industrial iodine. Iodine distribution. Amenities: Industrial iodine, iodine production, iodine distribution.

  • Acetates

    Borun New Materialis a golbal chemical suppliers of Acetates. Butyl, Calcium, Ethyl, Isopropyl, Propyl, Methyl, Tertiary and more. We are China chemical suppliers. Let us supply your needs for Acetates, we offer every solution available in the market at a low cost and on time according to your needs.

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  • Trifluoroacetates

    Borun New Materialis supplies TRIFLUOROACET for pharmaceutical, agricultural and life science industries. Custom Chemical Processing - Chemical Manufacturer

    Trifluoroacetate Arylthallium bis-(trifluoroacetates) generally crystallize directly from reaction mixtures and are isolated by filtration. Borun New Materialis Company supplies scientists worldwide with the resources necessary for advancing human and animal health.
  • Bromides

    Borun New Material Specializes Organic bromides supplier and manufacturer of Perovskite Solar Cell Bromides. The company is one of the hexylammonium bromide company in China. Operates in global bromine markets such as: India, Europe, North America and Africa.

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  • Chlorides

    We specialize in chlorides, has the experience, processing expertise, and distributor network required to supply chloride products in a range of forms and concentrations. Borun New Materiali is your leading source for high quality calcium chloride products.

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  • Thiocyanates

    Thiocyanates (also known as rhodanides or sulfocyanates) are salts or esters of thiocyanic acid containing the thiocyanate ion. Thiocyanates have numerous applications in the agriculture, oil field, life science, chemical manufacturing, and textile industries; Borun New Materiali Reliable, experienced chemical manufacturing. functions include serving as additives or starting materials for the synthesis of certain dyes, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, chemical tracers, stabilizers, and corrosion inhibitors.

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  • Cyanates

    Cyanates are a family of highly reactive, low molecular weight chemicals. Cyanates are very high performance thermosets used as matrices for high-tech composites in the space and electricity industries.

    Your Partner in Producing Complex Specialty Chemicals. We are the partner of choice in chemical manufacturing for leading companies us to learn about cyanates of cyanat as well as the chemicals.

  • Spiro

    Borun New Material products Supplier Spiro, main products: tetrafluoroborate, hexafluorophosphate, chloride, bromide and sulfonimide.
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  • Tetrafluoroborates

    Borun New Material is supplier for tetrafluoroborate for pharmaceutical, agricultural and life science industries.. The company supplies organic and specialty chemicals to the customers in Europe and USA market. Custom Chemical Processing - Chemical Manufacturer

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  • Hexafluorophosphate

    Hexafluorophosphate is commonly available form of the hexafluorophosphate anion, inert and hence a suitable counterion. It is a useful synthetic intermediate. It can be used to prepare organometallic diphenols.
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  • TFSI

    Borun New Materialis a Perovskite Materials Suppliers China. TFSI chemical.

    TFSI – is found in lots of RTILs which are important in pure and applied chemistry. Power your next discovery with top quality products and technologies from Borun New Material.
  • Perovskites
    Perovskite is a calcium titanium oxide mineral. The terms perovskite and perovskite structure are often used interchangeably - but true perovskites (minerals) are formed from calcium, titanium and oxygen in the form CaTiO3, and a perovskite structure is any ABX3 and perovskite-structured substances (minerals) of the same crystallography. We offer lead iodide , bromides , chlorides , thiocyanates and so on. 

    Perovskites Applications
    Perovskite materials exhibit interesting and unusual physical properties that have been extensively studied for both practical applications and theoretical modeling. Materials science and applications of perovskites  have been a broad area of research with potential for new device concepts. important meaning. Be open to many revolutionary discoveries. Potential applications for perovskites are diverse and include use in sensors and catalyst electrodes, certain types of fuel cells, solar cells, lasers, memory devices and spintronics applications. 

  • We also offer advanced materials for organic photovoltaics (OPV) including non-fullerene acceptors, polymer donors, transport layer materials to support the entire workflow.
    Solar cell factory direct sales, cheap, Provide customized services, welcome to inquire. Suitable for most solar cells on the market. DIY Improvements and Portable Solar Product. Standard Packaging. Timely delivery.

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  • Photovoltaic
    Solar cells are currently the most prominent perovskite application, as synthetic perovskites are considered as potentially inexpensive building blocks for high-efficiency commercial photovoltaics. Perovskite photovoltaics are being continuously researched and improved, increasing from only 2% in 2006 to over 20.1% in 2015. Experts predict that the perovskite PV market will reach $214 million by 2025.
    Perovskite photovoltaic cells have a wide bandgap. This creates the opportunity to pair them with low-bandgap photovoltaic technologies, which will increase efficiency and is important in a highly competitive market where system cost depends on efficiency. It has the characteristics of flexibility, light transmission, thin film, light weight and low processing cost.
    The original perovskite started as a simple variant of DSSC, where the perovskite is just a dye, but device structures have been evolving towards new potentially planar architecture systems. Perovskites offer significant advantages over silicon for photovoltaic applications in ski resorts. It has a wider range of visible light frequencies, which means it can convert more sunlight into electricity than silicon.

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