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Interface and additive materials

  • Interface materials and additive materials

  • Interface materials and additive materials can be customized according to customer requirements. Currently, the existing raw materials can be found in the passivation material catalog (mainly the hypophosphite series, halogen series, and thiol series)
    Material Type CAS No. Specifications
    4-CF3-PEAI DT0001
    4-CF3-PEACl DT0002
    PDAI DT0003
    3MTPAI DT0004
    FSA Methamidine sulfite DT0005
    PEACl DT0006
    PACl DT0007
    1-(Phenyl sulfonyl pyrrole, phenyl 1-pyrrole sulfone
    1-(phenylsulfonyl)pyrrole (PSP)
    Chlorobenzyl aminoguanidine acetate GBA,guanabenz acetate salt DT0009
    4-Methoxyphenylethylamine iodine DT0010
    4-Methoxyphenylethylamine chloride DT0011
    4-Methoxyphenylethylamine bromide DT0012
     1,3-bis(cyanomethyl) imidazolium chloride ([Bcmim]Cl) DT0013
    dimethylammonium formate (DMAFo) DT0014
    Methylamine acetate maac DT1005


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