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We specialize in chlorides, has the experience, processing expertise, and distributor network required to supply chloride products in a range of forms and concentrations. Borun New Materiali is your leading source for high quality calcium chloride products.

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  • Chloride
    Borun Chemical is a major manufacturer and supplier of ammonium chloride in various solutions and in solid (granular) forms. Ammonium chloride is used as an ingredient in flux manufacturing, water treatment, plating, personal care products, fertilizers, and various other app chemicals.
    Ammonium chloride granular is available from Borun Chemical in grades. All grades are high purity products that are naturally non-caking without additives because of their unique particle sizes. Due to the natural anti-caking properties of these particle sizes, the The material is chemically pure and is not treated with any anti-caking agents.

    Concerning Chlorides

    Chlorides are chlorine-containing compounds that also contain a more electropositive element. With the exception of lead chloride, which is only slightly soluble in water, and silver chloride, which is insoluble, the chloride form of any metal is generally soluble in water. Oxychlorides are formed when antimony chloride, bismuth chloride, and other metal chlorides decompose in water. Except for gold and platinum chlorides, most metal chlorides can be melted without decomposition. Metal chlorides are frequently used to conduct electricity when fused or dissolved in water, and electrolysis can decompose them into chlorine gas and the metal.

    Ammonium Chloride in Galvanizing

    In galvanizing, ammonium chloride can be used in a variety of ways, such as to adjust the pre-flux tank of the flux, or creating a top flux.

    Ammonium Chloride Quantities 

    Borun Chemical's Ammonium Chloride solutions are available in many strengths. They are available to be shipped in drums, tank trucks, and rail cars.

    The Ammonium Chloride granular is sold in pound bags.

    Why Choose Borun Chemical for Ammonium Chloride?

    The solid form of ammonium chloride is very unique to Borun Chemical and offers many benefits. With no added anti-caking agents, you can use all of the products without the worry of waste or damage to your galvanizing products. 

    If you are interested in learning more about Borun Chemical's Ammonium Chloride products, see the datasheets and safety data sheets, or contact us with any questions.

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