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Industrial Perovskite

  • The company has completed industrial tonnage production of MAPbI3, FAPbI3, CsPbBr3, MAI, FAI, PbI2, PbBr2 and other products. The specific product catalog is as follows:
    No. Type Product Name CAS
    01 K100 MACl Methylamine hydrochloride 593-51-1
    02 K101 MAI Methylamine hydroiodide salt 14965-49-2
    03 K101D MAI single crystal
    04 K102 MAPbI3 Polycrystalline Methylamine lead iodine 69507-98-8
    05 K102D K102DB MAPbI3 single crystal  
    06 K201 FAI Formamidine hydroiodide 879643-71-7
    07 K201D FAI single crystal
    08 K202 α-FAPbI3 Polycrystalline Formamidinium lead iodide 1451592-07-6
    09 K202D α-FAPbI3 single crystal
    10 K203 δ-FAPbI3  
    11 K301 MABr Methylamine hydrobromide 6876-37-5
    12 K501 FABr Formamidine hydrobromide 146958-06-7
    13 K502 FAPbBr3 Polycrystalline Formamidinium Lead Bromide 1008105-17-6
    K502D FAPbBr3 single crystal
    14 K601 5-AVAI    
    15 K702 CsPbBr3 Polycrystalline Cesium Lead Bromide 15243-48-8
    K702D CsPbBr3 single crystal
    16 K802 BA2PbI4 Polycrystalline Butylamine lead iodide 132069-10-4
    K802D BA2PbI4 single crystal
    17 K902 FAPbCl3 Polycrystalline FAPbCl3 single crystal 1488421-59-5
    K902D FAPbCl3 single crystal
    18 K1002 9-Octadecenylamine bromide Oleylamine bromide 2024602-96-6
    19 Pb101 Lead iodide Lead iodide 10101-63-0
    20 Pb201 Lead bromide Lead bromide 10031-22-8
    21 Cs101 Cesium Bromide Cesium Bromide 7787-69-1
    22 Sn101 SnF2 Stannous fluoride  
    23 Sn201 SnI2 Stannous iodide  
    24 Cs201 Cesium iodide Cesium iodide  
    25 K1010 FACl Formamidine hydrochloride  
    26 K1011 Acetamidine hydrochloride Acetamidine hydrochloride 124-42-5
    27 Pb301 Lead chloride Lead chloride 7758-95-4
    28 Cs301 Cesium chloride Cesium chloride 7647-17-8
    29 K1021 PEAI Phenethylamine Iodide Phenethylammonium bromide 151059-43-7
    Phenethylammonium bromide Phenethylammonium bromide  
    30 K1031 n-Butylamine hydrobromide n-Butylamine hydrobromide 15567-09-6
    HTM & ETL Materials
    200 H101 H101A Recrystallization Spiro-OMeTAD Spiro-OMeTAD 207739-72-8
    H101B sublimation
    201 H201 H201 sublimation 98% BCP BCP 4733-39-5
    H201 sublimation 99.5%
    202 H301 H301A 99.5% C60 C60 99685-96-8
    H301B 99.5%(Solvent-free)
    203 H501 H501A 99.9% PCBM PCBM 160848-21-5
    H501B 99.5%
    205 H701 H701A black low temperature calcined Nickel oxide Nickel oxide  
    H701B Green High Temperature Calcination
    SAM Materials
    204 SAM101 PACz derivatives MeO-2PACz  
    206 SAM201 Phenothiazine derivatives MEO-2PTZ  
    207 SAM301 The latest SAM material, small size efficiency 25%, as shown below    
    Perovskite Solvents
    230 R101
    DMF Super Dry

    231 R201 DMSO Extra Dry    
    232 R301 CB (Chlorobenzene) Super Dry or Dewatering    
    233 R501 IPA (isopropyl alcohol) for super drying or water removal    
    Note: The above are currently industrialized products. If your company requires a product that is not listed above, please send us the product name so that we can customize it according to your requirements .


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