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Borun New Material iodides product is manufactured with consistent processes, standards and quality. Iodine production. Industrial iodine. Iodine distribution. Amenities: Industrial iodine, iodine production, iodine distribution.

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    Earth is the rarest metallic element on earth. Although very little, it is almost non-food. Earth exists in oceans, earth, oceans, plants, in. However, where the Earth appears, the quantities are usually very small and complex to detect, and similar chemical processes release from its natural state. .

    Iodide as an antioxidant

    Synthesis of light, etc., because it can be reduced to the effect of overtoxic cells, because it is the most primitive organism to decompose cells. Eukaryotic algae contain the highest amount of oxides and peroxides, and are the active components of cells in cell components. Therefore, algae are required to have antioxidant properties, in which oxygen-containing elements protect cells through oxidative peroxidation. Organics look like a special effect.

  • Iodide Application
    Formamidinium iodide (FAI) is an organic halide that can be used as a precursor solution for the preparation of perovskite-based heterojunction solar cells. Iodide-and bromide-based alkylated halides can be used as precursors for the preparation of perovskites for photovoltaic applications. Initially produced discontinuous perovskite films. However, by adding a small amount of hydriodic acid (HI) to the stoichiometric FAI, an extremely uniform and continuous film was formed.
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