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4-Fluoro-Phenethylammonium iodide

  • 4‐fluoro‐phenethylammonium iodide or 4-fluoro-phenylethylammonium iodide (4FPEAI or F-PEAI; CAS Number: 1413269-55-2) is used as a precursor in the preparation of perovskite-based opto-electronic systems including perovskite solar cells (Degani et al., 2021). The 4‐fluoro‐phenethylammonium cation is a fluorinated long-chain organic Spacer inducing a strong dipole field which facilitates charge dissociation (Shi et al., 2019). The resultant 4‐fluoro‐phenethylammonium-based quasi-2D perovskites shows improved power conversion efficiencies, while demonstrating superior humidity and thermal stability (Shi et al., 2019; Zhang et al., 2019).

    Borun New Material - ChemBoruns’ 4-Fluoro-Phenethylammonium iodide is of the highest purity affording consistent results and superior performance.

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