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Perovskite Precursor

Perovskite Precursor Suppliers, Advantages of perovskite precursor: stable batch, already in pilot and mass production. Your Trusted Manufacturer of 3rd-Generation Photovoltaic Materials. World-Wide Delivery. Quality Perovskite Precursor & Contact Verified Suppliers! Perovskite precursors for pioneering nanotechnologies. Nanomaterials for optoelectronics, piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics. Buy Perovskite Precursor products from Chinese suppliers, including: distributors, manufacturers, bulk suppliers and wholesalers of raw materials and finished products. Contact us for pricing or more information now.

  • An application of an organic-inorganic perovskite is a perovskite solar cell. This solar cell can usually be fabricated by the three-dimensional cubic perovskite [(MeNH3)MX3]. Doping effects of formamidinium and cesium cations to the A site were also investigated for the perovskite solar cell research. Research on the perovskite solar cell recently received much attention. Power conversion efficiency of this solar cell is more than those of organic photovoltaics (OPV) and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), and the device can be fabricated by a solution method at low cost.

    Three Advantages of TCI's Perovskite-Related Products

    High Purity
    We can provide high purity PbX2 (X = I, Br, Cl) as well as organic onium salts with low water content (eg. MAI, FAI, etc). High purity and low water materials can enhance the perovskite solar cell performance such as efficiency and stability. Highly pure PbX2 shows good solubility in polar organic solvents to be appropriate for solution processable device fabrication of the perovskite solar cell.

    Product Variety
    We can provide various PbX2 (X = I, Br, Cl) and organic onium salts. A mixed cation perovskite where the A site includes some cations, enables the perovskite solar cell to be efficient and stable.

    We can provide various PbX2 (X = I, Br, Cl) and some dominant organic onium salts in bulk scale. Our bulk production enables the perovskite solar cell to be low cost and large area.

  • Perovskite precursor

  • Advantages: Stable batch, already in pilot and mass production
    Materials Type CAS No. Specifications
    Lead iodide(PbI₂) Pb101A 10101-63-0 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Lead iodide(PbI₂) Pb101B 10101-63-0 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Lead bromide(PbBr₂) Pb201A 10031-22-8 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Lead bromide(PbBr₂) Pb201B 10031-22-8 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Lead chloride(PbCl₂) Pb301A 7758-95-4 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Lead chloride(PbCl₂) Pb301B 7758-95-4 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Stannous iodide Sn101 10294-70-9 99.99%
    Stannous iodide Sn201  7783-47-3 99.99%,99.999%
    Cesium iodide Cs101 7789-17-5 99.99%,99.999%
    Cesium iodide(CsBr) Cs201 7787-69-1 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Cesium iodide(CsCl) Cs301 7647-17-8 99.9%,99.99% or 99.999%
    Bismuth tribromide BiBr3 Bi201 7787-58-8 ‘99.999%
    Methylamidine hydroiodide salt(FAI) FA101 146958-06-7 ≥99.5%
    Methylamine ammonium bromide(FABr) FA201 6876-37-5 ≥99.5%
    Methylamine bromide(MABr) MA201 14965-49-2 ≥99.5%
    Methylamine iodide(MAI) MA101 593-51-1 ≥99.5%
    Methylamine chloride(MACl) MA301 6313-33-3 ≥99.5%


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