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Formamidinium iodide >99.99%, CAS 879643-71-7

  • Formamidinium Iodide (FAI; CAS # 879643-71-7) is a common perovskite precursor used in perovskite-based opto-electronic systems (Lin et al., 2021). Perovskites using Formamidinium Iodide in their formulations have shown higher environmental stability and have a lower bandgap than Methylammonium Iodide-based perovskites, hence closer to the optimal band gap for a single junction cell (Ansari et al., 2018).

    Borun New Material - ChemBorun's Formamidinium Iodide (FAI) consists of white crystals produced with an extremely low moisture content and a purity level > 99.99%.

    Borun New Material - ChemBorun can provide g to kg quantities.

    Ansari, M.I.H., Qurashi, A., Nazeeruddin, M.K., 2018. Frontiers, opportunities, and challenges in perovskite solar cells: A critical review. J. Photochem. Photobiol. C Photochem. Rev. 35, 1–24.

    Lin, L., Lian, C., Jones, T.W., Bennett, R.D., Mihaylov, B., Yang, T.C.-J., Wang, J.T.-W., Chi, B., Duffy, N.W., Li, J., Wang, X., Snaith, H.J., Wilson, G.J., 2021. Tunable transition metal complexes as hole transport materials for stable perovskite solar cells. Chem. Commun. 57, 2093–2096.



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