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Butane-1,4-diammonium iodide

  • Butane-1,4-diammonium iodide (BDAI2; CAS Number: 916849-52-0) is used as a precursor for the synthesis of perovskite semiconductors. The addition of butane-1,4-diammonium iodide to the precursor solution has been shown to result in efficient and stable reduced-dimensional perovskite solar cells (Niu et al., 2019).

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    Niu, T., Ren, H., Wu, B., Xia, Y., Xie, X., Yang, Y., Gao, X., Chen, Y., Huang, W., 2019. Reduced-Dimensional Perovskite Enabled by Organic Diamine for Efficient Photovoltaics. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 2349–2356.



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