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Di-isopropylammonium iodide

  • Di-isopropylammonium iodide (DPI; DIPAI; CAS Number: 132396-99-7) is a ferroelectric organic salt showing large spontaneous polarization and high Curie temperature (Milinskiy et al., 2019; Saripalli et al., 2017).

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    Milinskiy, A.Y., Baryshnikov, S.V., Egorova, I.V., Nguyen, H.T., 2019. Dielectric properties of ferroelectric diisopropylammonium iodide. Phase Transitions 92, 406–410.

    Saripalli, R.K., Swain, D., Prasad, S., Nhalil, H., Bhat, H.L., Guru Row, T.N., Elizabeth, S., 2017. Observation of ferroelectric phase and large spontaneous electric polarization in organic salt of diisopropylammonium iodide. Journal of Applied Physics 121, 114101.



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