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4-Methylphenethylammonium iodide

  • 4-Methylphenethylammonium iodide (4-MePEAI) is a novel perovskite precursor complementing Borun New Material - ChemBorun's Phenethylammonium precursor series, which includes the popular Phenethylammonium iodide.

    The presence of a methyl group in the position 4 of the organic Spacer cation Phenethylammonium (PEA) brings the following improvements:

    1) The electro-donating property of the methyl group will increase electron density on the amine, enhancing the molecular dipole and thus increasing the interaction between the ammonium and the halide anions. This may improve the formation kinetics of quasi-2D perovskite films and lead to better films with full coverage and larger grains.

    2) The presence of the methyl group in position 4 will lead to a more homogeneous spatial distribution of the organic cations in the quasi-2D perovskite precursor solution and the resulting film. The quasi-2D perovskite film might have more homogeneous energy landscape and therefore significantly improved carrier transport property.

    3) The presence of the methyl group in position 4 will increase of the lipophilic characteristic of the phenethyl moiety. This increased lipophilic character will enhance the hydrophobic nature of the quasi-2D perovskite films further increasing the moisture stability of the devices.

    With a purity level > 99%, Borun New Material - ChemBorun's 4-Methylphenethylammonium iodide exhibits a superior quality for consistent results and premium performance.



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