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2-Thiophenemethylammonium bromide

  • 2-thiophenemethylammonium bromide (ThMABr; 2-TMABr) is a perovskite precursor used in the preparation of 2D/3D hybrid perovskite solar cells. Using 2-thiophenemethylammonium as the Spacer cation results in highly efficient and stable perovskite devices with excellent photovoltaic properties (Zhou et al., 2019).

    Borun New Material - ChemBorun offers diverse thiophene methylammonium-salts enabling researchers to explore the effect of different halide counter ions on the properties of perovskite-based opto-electronic devices. Borun New Material - ChemBorun's 2-thiophenemethylammonium bromide is of the highest purity affording consistent results and optimal performance.

    Zhou, T., Lai, H., Liu, T., Lu, D., Wan, X., Zhang, X., Liu, Y., Chen, Y., 2019. Highly Efficient and Stable Solar Cells Based on Crystalline Oriented 2D/3D Hybrid Perovskite. Adv. Mater. Weinheim 31, e1901242.



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