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Propane-1,3-diammonium bromide

  • Propane‐1,3‐diammonium bromide (PDAB; CAS Number: 18773-03-0) is a precursor in the preparation of perovskite-based opto-electronic systems. The precursor Propane‐1,3‐diammonium bromide was incorporated in combination with phenethylammonium bromide to prepare green-to-blue emitting CsPbBr3 quantum-dot films with enhanced optical performance (Jiang et al., 2019).

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    Jiang, M., Hu, Z., Liu, Z., Wu, Z., Ono, L.K., Qi, Y., 2019. Engineering Green-to-Blue Emitting CsPbBr3 Quantum-Dot Films with Efficient Ligand Passivation. ACS Energy Lett. 4, 2731–2738.

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