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n-Butylammonium bromide

  • Recent research has found that aliphatic bulky alkylammonium cations such n-butylammonium, i-butylammonium, t-butylammonium, can be used as organic Spacers between inorganic sheets to form quasi-2D perovskites. Duong et al. (2020) used n-butylammonium bromide (n-BABr; CAS Number: 15567-09-6) as a 2D precursor to fabricate highly performant perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells achieving record efficiencies. Use Borun New Material - ChemBorun's high quality n-butylammonium bromide (purity level > 99%) for ultimate device performance.

    Duong, T., Pham, H., Kho, T.C., Phang, P., Fong, K.C., Yan, D., Yin, Y., Peng, J., Mahmud, M.A., Gharibzadeh, S., Nejand, B.A., Hossain, I.M., Khan, M.R., Mozaffari, N., Wu, Y., Shen, H., Zheng, J., Mai, H., Liang, W., Samundsett, C., Stocks, M., McIntosh, K., Andersson, G.G., Lemmer, U., Richards, B.S., Paetzold, U.W., Ho‐Ballie, A., Liu, Y., Macdonald, D., Blakers, A., Wong‐Leung, J., White, T., Weber, K., Catchpole, K., 2020. High Efficiency Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells: Effect of Surface Coating versus Bulk Incorporation of 2D Perovskite. Advanced Energy Materials 10, 1903553.



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