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Welcome to Borun New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Borun ( Borun Chemical)  is the professional manufacturer of Perovskite Solar Cell
(Perovskite precursors-ammonum salts ans hole transport material and dioppants),Organic Optoelectronic Material (OPV) , silver nanowires, PEDOT:PSS Conductive Ink and Graphene, products are mainly used in perovskite solar cell, Roll and Roll OPV, 3D touch sensor, FLEXIBLE amoled touchdisplay and Foldable touch panel ect.

Borun New Material is devoted to accelerate your success through supplying you the most r...

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Spiro-OMeTAD(Spiro-MeOTAD), PC61BM, PC71BM, MAI,MABr, FAI, PbI2,PEAI,EAI,BAI,PMAI,BABr,BAI,MAPbI3,N2200, ITIC,PEDOT:PSS,Graphene powder,,doped Graphene,Graphene dispersion, CVD Graphene films,Silver Nanowires
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